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1000 Cordova Place #422
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Christianna has been making chocolates professionally, helping bring more awareness to cacao products. Expanding her dreams she has started Christianna's Chocolates. It focuses on beautiful raw, hand crafted and organic chocolates. Christianna's Chocolates creates a joyful balance for your body, mind and soul.




Christianna's story

I never dreamed that one day I would be making chocolate for a living, and even calling myself a "Chocolatier."  I have always loved being in the kitchen and making healthy treats of all kinds. I grew up mostly vegetarian and my mother loved to garden, so it was easy for me to find ingredients to make healthy desserts.


My mom has always encouraged me to do what makes me happy. I was very supported no matter what. A lot of my interest has been in health and fitness.  I've researched and experiment with raw food, vegan food, Paleo food, etc.  I decided it was a good idea to come up with healthy versions of "popular" treats.  I didn't want to eat all of the processed sugar, yet I still wanted something that was delicious. I began to share the chocolate experiments I was making with friends and family. I didn't know that it would turn into pursuing chocolate on a business level.


I started making healthy chocolate, then went on to making even healthier chocolate!  I want to make and promote chocolate that I feel good about, and that I want to eat.  Many people ask me if I went to school to learn about chocolate.  No, I didn't.  I studied a lot, listened to other chocolate makers, and read a lot of articles and books.  I did a lot of experiments and there was much trial and error.  You can teach yourself anything if you really want to!  I taught myself chocolate.  And I would like to share it with you!


My mission is to bring you delicious healthy chocolate that you can enjoy, feel great about, and gain many health benefits from.